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What You Can (And Can’t) Do With Our CBD

We’re always surprised at how many DIY enthusiasts the Silver Owl CBD Company has attracted and are so glad our fans have found some more clever uses for our products than what we originally envisioned! Some of these individuals have given us some great ideas for our own projects, while others have asked us if we believe certain projects are even feasible.

There are so many ways to use some of our products and a much smaller list of ways worth avoiding. If you’re feeling crafty, this article is for you!

Our Best DIY Components

While each of our CBD, CBG and Delta 8 products likely has a number of alternative uses, this entry will be looking at the four most commonly used: our CBD Isolate Powder, various hemp oils, concentrates and raw industrial hemp flower. These products have proven to be quite adaptable to our users’ projects and might go pretty well with yours!

CBD Isolate Powder

CBD Isolate Powder is CBD in its purest form. As a powder, this has the most wide range of uses. There’s no need to activate it or dissolve it in fats, oils, alcohols or other solvents, meaning it can be used as is- or you can still employ such methods if your instructions call for them.

What you can do: add it to DIY tinctures, topicals, personal hygiene products and cosmetics; cook, fry or bake with it; add it to thicker or hot beverages; mix it with other products meant to be smoked or vaporized

What you can’t do: dissolve it in water

CBD, CBG and Delta 8 Tinctures

Silver Owl Tinctures consist of little more than a preferred industrial hemp derived extract infused, or dissolved, into medium chain triglyceride (MCT) coconut oil. Since their cannabinoids are already activated for their primarily oral use, these hemp oils are great as last-minute additives and ingredients added in the final stages of a recipe.

What you can do: add directly onto prepared foods or use as an ingredient during meal preparation; add it to thicker liquids, like smoothies and creams; use in the preparation of DIY pet foods and treats (use unflavored tinctures only!); add to at-home topical solutions or apply directly to the skin as an oily topical

What you can’t do: vaporize or smoke it; give it to animals if it’s a Delta 8 or flavored tincture (animals shouldn’t consume psychoactive THC compounds and the essential oils we use for flavoring, like peppermint and lemon oils, are dangerous to most species)

CBD, CBG and Delta 8 Concentrates

Silver Owl Concentrates, such as our CBD Crystals and Delta 8 Live Sugar Waxes, can be used in many of the same ways as our Isolate Powder. The only real difference is that these have had their cannabinoid contents infused with hemp derived terpenes during the final stages of processing to add more delicious flavor to their hits.

What you can do: use in DIY consumables instead of CBD Isolate Powder for added flavor; add to custom blends meant to be smoked or vaporized; top flower bowls; add it to homemade candies

What you can’t do: give it to pets; add it to vape juice

Raw Hemp Flower

Silver Owl Hemp Flower strains can be used just like any other consumable herb. The only difference is you’ll be getting a lot more than fragrances and flavors out of this herb!

What you can do: smoke or vaporize it in any number of creative ways; activate or decarboxylate it for numerous purposes; infuse it into oils, fats, alcohols and other solvents; cook with it, either activated in a carrier agent like butter and cooking oils or added afterwards as an inactive seasoning; juice it raw; press it for rosin; create homemade extracts

What you can’t do: infuse oils and fats with its contents without activating the mix with the use of heat; expect its cannabinoids to be active for oral consumption without the use of heat

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