CBG Tinctures

As our body of research into the hemp plant and its cannabinoids is growing, so is our ability to work with these compounds. Just like Cannabidiol (CBD), its relative Cannabigerol (CBG) can be used in a number of different ways. However, hemp generally produces smaller amounts of CBG and offers its highest yields at earlier stages of flowering, making it much harder to find products featuring this hemp derivative for sale online or in stores.

The Silver Owl CBD Company’s recent advances change that. We’ve been developing the means to produce enough hemp derived CBG to power a cannabigerol tincture for nearly a year- between our breeding and growing efforts and the improvement of our technologies and techniques, we’ve finally done it. With the release of Silver Owl CBG Tinctures, the nation now hasaccess to cannabigerol tincture that’s every bit as potent as its hemp derived CBD counterparts.

Our hemp derived CBG Tincture Formula is simple, containing only 2-3 ingredients: Silver Owl CBG Isolate, MCT Oil and Essential Oils for flavor (Peppermint and Lemon). We offer both lower concentration bottles for experiencing this cannabinoid’s effects for the first time and more potent options for folks looking to stock up for longer durations at a lower price per milligram. Buy a bottle of Silver Owl CBG Tincture today and see for yourself why people around the country are adding Cannabigerol to their daily routines!

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