Silver Owl CBG Tincture Lemon


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Though CBD is in our name, Silver Owl has always been dedicated to providing our supporters with everything the hemp plant has to offer to the best of our abilities. Cannabinoids are currently America’s favorite hemp derived substances, but some of these compounds are still being researched and remain difficult to produce, extract and isolate in large quantities.

One such derivative, Cannabigerol (CBG), has been the subject of much of our efforts in 2020. After many months of hard work, research and development we’ve figured out how to provide a sustainable amount of CBG Isolate capable of powering a project we first began early this year: the creation of potent, affordable Silver Owl CBG Tinctures!

If you’re already familiar with CBG, perhaps after trying our Crystals, you’ll likely recognize the significance of having such a high concentration of this cannabinoid available- and if you’re new to the subject, check out our blog post here. Like our other tinctures, we’ve added some locally sourced Lemon Essential Oil to our CBG Isolate infused MCT Oil to give Silver Owl Lemon CBG Tinctures a smooth citrus tingle on the tongue. A full dropper could make any day a sunny day!

Available in 500mg, 1,000mg, 3,000mg and 5,000mg bottles

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

500, 1000, 3000, 5000

Customer Reviews

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James Ruble

Wow medical grade

Carolyn Kennedy

This is very reliable company, CBG tincture helped me with strong pain after my oral surgery

Donnie C.

I have been taking one dropper of the 1,000 mg bottle every night before bed for one week now, and I have enjoyed this product in that time. I have been falling asleep faster, and feel more well rested when I wake up.

John Staples
CBG Lemon

This stuff is like a miracle in a tiny bottle. It helps out so much with my neck/back pain!


This tincture is amazing it has helped me so much especially for my sleep, I haven't gotten good sleep in such a long time and now I am sleeping better than I have in almost a year!!

Arlene .Y

This CBG has helped me get much more sleep than I use to!! and now I can wake up in the morning not as tired as I was the night before!!

William rose
Sleepy time

This stuff is great for sleep, I use this before I go to bed and it works pretty fast for me (everyone is different) and I sleep so well and I don't wake up all sleepy a grumpy in the mornings. this stuff is amazing!

Graeme Carey

I use this for daily use and it really helps me stay calm and relaxed. Really helps me get through the day!!


Great Lemon taste with just a little hempy aftertaste. I really love this product. I sleep wonderfully and this is a better pain reliever than Advil is. Thank you so much for making an all-natural product for pain relief.

William rose
Works Great!

This CBG works great! takes my pain away and helps me fall into that deep sleep I haven't been able to get in such a long time! I really love this product and I will be getting more and getting friends to try it as well! recommended for sure!!!!!