Since the discovery of cannabinoids, scientists have endeavored to understand and catalog the benefits they may have to offer. This research has traditionally focused on the major cannabinoids, THC and CBD, but attention has recently shifted to relatively minor cannabinoids such as CBNO. Like CBD and THC, CBNO has been found to be host to a number of amazing effects that can help people stay stress-free and active.

Of all the ways to consume these substances, CBNO gummies have emerged as a popular avenue for many enthusiasts. For their varied shapes and flavors, ease of ingestion, and accurate dosing capabilities, gummies have rightly earned themselves a lot of love.

What is CBNO?

The cannabis plant contains hundreds of useful chemicals called cannabinoids. CBNO, also known as cannabinol, is one such compound. CBNO can be extracted directly from hemp, but can be made from THC. When THC is exposed to heat, light, and then air, it gets converted to the useful, yet less intoxicating CBNO. Though it is psychoactive, CBNO’s potency is much lower than that of THC.

Just like CBD, CBNO products are in high demand. They have a wide range of effects on the body and can provide relief from many medical conditions.

Where to buy CBNO?

The importance of finding a trustworthy and reputable vendor for CBNO products cannot be overstated. Without proper adherence to quality standards, CBNO products can contain unwanted biproducts that can be unsafe to consume. That’s where Silver Owl has your back. Silver Owl provides highly details and accurate test results for all of their products, including their CBNO gummies. All of Silver Owl’s products are guaranteed free of all pesticides, microbials, mycotoxins, heavy metals, foreign matter and solvents.