Delta 8 Pre Rolls

We all know the THC in marijuana plants interacts with the endocannabinoid system of our body to produce psychoactive effects (The High). Delta 8 and Delta 9 are commonly known kinds of THC that are present in most cannabis products.

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls are available in a variety of flavors at our store. Pre-rolls save you from the hassle of grinding and rolling. Using these Pre-Rolls ensures you get the most delightful experience every time you smoke it. The best kind of pre-rolls are those that burn evenly and very slowly. We guarantee you get quality and consistency in pre-rolls at Silver Owl.

What is a Delta-8 Pre-Roll?

Pre-Rolls are cigarettes or joints that are ready to smoke. They are great for beginners, who want to enjoy hemp but have no idea how it’s rolled.

In the beginning, people didn’t have much idea about different forms of THC. Only the terms “hemp” and “marijuana” were known to them. As time progressed and more evidence came to light regarding Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC, people became eager to try them.

Delta 8 is similar to the commonly known Delta 9. The structure of both these compounds is similar except that the prenyl chain of the acyclic cannabis oil molecule has a molecule attached to position number 8 instead of 9 in Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 does get you high, but the high is milder compared to that caused by Delta 9. Instead of making people euphoric, Delta 8 makes you sleepy and relaxed.

The effects of Delta 8 are milder compared to that produced by Delta 9. This is because Delta 8 does not bind tightly with the cannabinoid receptors. Right now, there is not much known about Delta 8. The compound is still under study.

Delta 8 can be easily produced by the decarboxylation of Delta 9. The removal of CO2 molecules results in the production of Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls are in the spotlight as they cause milder highs, which is appropriate for the beginners or someone looking for a small head change. The Pre-Rolls are prepared by professionals with flower that has Delta 8 infused in them already. The effort decreases to zero when you purchase Delta 8 Pre-Rolls. You only need to light up a pre-roll and enjoy the soothing smoke.

How do Delta-8 Pre-Rolls Work?

Since Delta 8 causes a milder high, it is legal in many states. People can consume it openly in any form. The intense high of Delta 9 is not as tolerable for many people, especially for beginners as adverse effects like anxiety and panic attacks have been noted in several people. However, you will not experience any such effects with Delta 8 pre-rolls.

The time Delta 8 takes to produce effects varies from person to person but, the effects are visible after two to four hours after intake. The quality and purity of Delta 8 THC, weight, body composition, and tolerance level of the person determine the time taken by Pre-Rolls to produce effects.

Using Delta 8 Pre-Rolls is relatively straightforward. Instead of grinding the hemp, buying papers, and rolling it, you get Pre-Rolls that just need to be pulled out of the package and lit up. If you find a difference in the taste of Pre-Rolls from different brands, remember it is due to other strains and the use of different papers. Rice and hemp papers are the most commonly used wraps.

What Benefits and Effects can be Obtained with Delta-8 Pre-Rolls?

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls are indeed the most therapeutic way to unwind after a long hectic day. Delta 8 helps you get over nausea and appetite issues. It also helps with depression without any of the side effects of pharmaceuticals.


Delta 8 THC molecule binds to the CB1 receptor, where it produces psychological effects that make you free of anxiety and relieves stress. At the same time, it causes an increase in sensory perception. The natural rhythm of our mind is also impacted by Delta 8, which simply helps calm the process, allows you to breathe freely, and brings the heart rate to normal.

Pre-rolled joints are either made by professionals or rolled by machines that give these rolls a consistency that cannot be achieved by an average human. Having a perfect roll makes a consistent and even burn. The professionals ensure the best grinding without the inclusion of seeds and stems that would otherwise ruin the taste.

In addition to from convenience, there are several pre-rolled options to choose from. Cones, hybrids, cigarettes, cigars, and lots of other items are available. You may also find a pack containing Pre-Rolls of mixed strains, which is an advantage for beginners as they can try out different flavors to, find out which one suits them the best.

Another positive is that Delta 8 is now extracted by companies through safe techniques such as CO2 extraction. The resulting compound is free of harmful chemicals.  Silver Owl can provide a Certificate of Analysis on each of our product.  Any company should provide a report of the products’ safety and purity.


It is not wrong to say Delta 8 has effects somewhere in between CBD and Delta 9 THC. Causing euphoria and giving relief from pain are some the most common effects of Delta 8. The relaxing effect is so soothing that it makes you feel weightless. The helps to get through the night calmly, another significant effect is improved body as a result of the interaction of Delta 8 with the endocannabinoid system. Delta 8 has its role in hormone regulation, which ultimately affects our mood.

How do Delta-8 Pre-Rolls Differ from CBD and Delta-9?

THC which causes the high and an intense euphoria is Delta 9 THC. It is no doubt one of the most important cannabinoids that have psychoactive properties and makes you high instantly. For this reason, the concentration of Delta 9 THC over 0.3% is federally illegal; however, states’ laws may vary.

The high caused by Delta 8 is much milder, and consequently, the adverse effects are much milder compared to Delta 9. Anxiety and paranoia are common with Delta 9. Delta 8 however, makes the mind clearer and makes you more productive.

You may be shocked to read that CBD and Delta 8 are isomers of each other, meaning they have similar molecular formulas but are structurally different. The main difference between CBD and Delta 8 is that CBD is not a psychoactive compound, while Delta 8 is. You will get high after consuming Delta 8. The effects produced by both these compounds are entirely different. To make the effects of Delta 8 more balanced, some companies use both CBD and Delta 8 together in their products.

Delta 8 Pre Rolls FAQ

Can Delta 8 Affect Your Tolerance?

Initially, consuming Delta 8 does not affect your tolerance, but soon you will need to consume large doses to have the similar effects. However, this situation can be easily mitigated by stopping the use of Delta 8.

Can Delta 8 be Consumed at Night?

The relaxing effects of Delta 8 and its potential to make you sleepy make it ideal to consume at night. Sleep will be more peaceful when you consume Delta 8 before hitting the hay. It has also been noted that Delta 8 makes people remember their dreams better the next morning.

Does Delta 8 have any Side Effects?

People often notice dry mouth and eyes followed by drowsiness. Feeling exhausted and lack of energy are also common feelings. Having water by your side will easily overcome this situation. Since it totally drains your energy, it is better to avoid consuming Delta 8 in the daytime.

What to Avoid When Buying Delta 8 Pre-Rolls?

There are a few criteria to remember while seeking Delta 8 Pre-Rolls. Many Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls on the market, in our experience, utilize trim. Trimmed Delta 8 THC Pre-Rolls, no doubt, lack taste and potency! Instead, you should make sure the brand you’re buying from only employs the highest-quality Delta 8 flower in each joint.

In Conclusion

Pre-Rolls of several different strains are available at Silver Owl, where you can pick a strain of your choice. Each pre-roll from Silver Owl contains 1.0 g of hemp, which features around 800 mg of Delta-8 THC. These pre-rolls save you the hassle of grinding and rolling your own and instead help you enjoy the high with your friend circle. The soothing and relaxing effects afterward are definitely worth it.