Delta 8 Tinctures Natural

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The Silver Owl CBD Company’s recent work with other hemp derived cannabinoids has led to our most exciting release yet: the Silver Owl Delta 8 Line!

Delta 8 THC (D-8THC) is an analogue and legal alternative to its relative. Unlike the other cannabinoids we’ve worked with, like CBD and CBG, Delta 8 IS psychoactive- as such we cannot recommend using this before operating any vehicles or heavy machinery. Please exercise caution when using any Delta 8 Products and enjoy responsibly.

Silver Owl Delta 8 Tinctures allow their users the greatest possible doses of D-8 THC at the best prices per milligram, but may take a while longer to kick in than their vaporized counterparts. Don’t let that fool you though: you’re in for a ride!

Silver Owl Delta 8 Natural Tinctures contain a minimal amount of ingredients and are unflavored, but do maintain some of the floral taste of the hemp plant and some of the buttery flavors of the MCT Oil. The result is a flavor option that’s great for purists and regulars alike!

Extract Used: Delta 8 Isolate

Source: Bulk Industrial Hemp

Lineage: Hybrid / Mixed

Mgs Delta 8 THC

1,000mg, 2,500mg, 5,000mg

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Randy Wyatt
Silver Owl delta 8

Have been using it to help me sleep, so far it is helping.

John Kotch
Great product

As one who suffers from a debilitating and painful spine/autoimmune disease, I need power, I need potency. I'm not just trying to relax with a nice high, I'm trying to have some kind of quality of life. Silver Owl Delta 8 Tincture definitely has the edge over the others. I now sleep up to 5 or 6 hours at a time. This has not been the case for many years. Yesterday, I actually took my dog for a walk around the block. I haven't been able to do that in 3 years.

Janice Lyons
Delta 8

Excellent product. It did exactly as I needed.

Dion .H

these guys are sneaky and will creep up on you but the high was amazing!!

Laron M

The tinctures kick in fastest for em and it is amazing they hit me hard!! and it is what I am looking for!! thank you!!!

Isabell Jerde

Nice to be able to determine one’s specific dosage with this methodology. I found by bottles end - my tolerance had elevated slightly. And that’s expected . Will purchase again.


WOW!!!! This is a great product. I love that I still get high without all the paranoia. This is a much milder high than you get from dispensary THC (Delta 9).

G Gresham
Best D8 tincture out there

Trust me, I’ve tried them all. This tincture is just what you need to relax and chill. My hubby found this company for me and I’m going to be telling everyone about this brand. Chef’s Kiss xoxo

Jessica Segarra
Silver Owl Delta 8

I buy these 5,000 mg drops for my mom who suffers from arthritis pain and pinch nerves abs this is the only thing that helps her.


I have chronic pain issues, and frankly, have tried all kinds of CBD products from several different companies. I love this tincture. It gets to the pain without making me fuzzy or sleepy. Easy to take, easy to store. It's a game-changer for me.