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THCa Diamonds are the best and most concentrated way to consume the THCa cannabinoid. With an 87.7% concentration of THCa derived from Colorado-grown hemp plants, Silver Owl’s THCa Diamonds are some of the purest THCa products on the market. As our products are derived from hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC, all of our products conform to both state and federal requirements.

THCA Diamonds Benefits

When it comes to maximizing the benefits of the Cannabis sativa plant, THCa is perhaps the most effective cannabinoid for the job. Like many other cannabinoids, THCa presents its own unique benefits including neuroprotectant properties, anti-inflammatory characteristics, and pain relief. In its pure form, THCa is a non-psychoactive compound, making Silver Owl’s THCa Hemp Diamonds a good option for those looking for the medicinal benefits of the hemp plant without getting high. If you are interested in learning more about THCa and its benefits, check out our THCa blog post!

THCa Diamonds can be added to food or mixed into drinks to maximize THCa intake as an alternative to juicing raw cannabis which doesn’t produce THCa at anywhere near the same concentration. While THCa is not psychoactive in its standard form, it can be dabbed or heated to produce a potent high.

Above all else, all of us at Silver Owl are dedicated to providing the highest quality product to our passionate customers. As a result, all of our hemp-derived products are heavily regulated and tested frequently for any trace amounts of toxins including pesticides, heavy metals, and fungal spores that have been found in lesser brands, especially those imported from overseas. Beyond the lab testing, our entire operation is monito red by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Denver’s Department of Environmental Health (DEH). Ultimately, we stand by our product and are comfortable saying that you won’t find THC diamonds of higher quality anywhere else!


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Silver Owl CBD Company


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews


THCa In The Sky With Diamonds.

OK it may not be as good as Lucy, but what is? THCa Diamonds is the best closest to D9 I've tried, and I tried them all THCh, THCb, THCjd, THCv, Delta 8, 10, 11, HHC, THCo, HHCp, THCp, and some I can't even think of at this moment. I do flowers, vapes, some editables, and dabs, let's face it unless you do dabs you will never know the full flavors and effects of any of these including D9. Have I done dabs that I think is better then the THCa Diamonds, yes I have. D9 dabs for one, but I've done D9 dabs that I think this THCa is better than, but not many, but some. THCo, HHCo, THCp, and HHCo are more powerful than the THCa Diamonds, BUT NOT IN THE DABS BEING SOLD ON THE MARKET!!!! I've tried more THCp, HHCp dabs, vapes and flowers than I can count and every one as far as I'm concerned is misleading. They all say THCp or the others are so much stronger than D9 THC, which is true except they don't tell you that they use anywhere from 2% to 15% THCp, HHCp, mixed with D8 or some other low end mix. so you never feel how much stronger than D9 they really are, of course the higher the percentage the stronger they are, but none of them are any where near as good as these THCa Diamonds, or the weakest D9 I've tried. I've come to find that in order to really feel the effects of HHCp &THCp you need at least a 20% or higher mixture. But to really know the full effects of HHCp,or THCp you need to buy pure extract, which is anywhere from $150.00 to $250.00 a gram depending on where you get it, much higher than these THCa Diamonds. HHCp and THCp pure extract is the best you will ever do but it is very, very strong and it will knock you on your butt, and is much stronger than most people would really want, unless you're a die hard like me. but either way the cost doesn't make it worth it. These THC Diamonds compared to D9 is a little high in price, but compared to anything else on the market at this time there's not a close second. Your D9 dabs for the most part is still the best you are going to get, but if you can't get D9 dabs or vapes then these THC Diamonds are the best you are going to get for some what of a good price. Compared to D9 a little over priced. Compared to anything else (D8, D10, HHC, THCh, THCp etc) dollar per value nothing else compares. The ONLY drawback to these Diamonds is they are very hard, and when you break a piece to dab, you need to somehow cover it because they do break and fly apart sometimes. Just be careful when breaking some off to dab that you don't lose some because pieces flying off. Outside of that one drawback these THCa Diamonds are great. Order some, you won't be sorry, and you will see what I mean by THCa In The Sky With Diamonds.

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