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We are proud to work with responsible, contributing members of our community, no matter where they are in the country. Over the past year we’ve found numerous opportunities to grow with the folks we form partnerships with, from supplying them with useful products and some extra income to helping them expand their presence online. We’ll never interrupt a life in progress… We’re only here to help and to enrich the work you’re already doing to build up your future!

Our Affiliate Program started on Instagram, but is growing so fast it’s ready for a new home and system. Since its inception we’ve used the Program to create several unique, self-driven and paid positions within our company:

  • Influencers/Brand Ambassadors: these are the people who have done the most to get the word out to end users in need with sponsored giveaways, coupon codes and product promotion over the past year or so. We happily work with folks across the spectrum of follower base size. Whether you’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers or just a few hundred, we’d love to work with you and grow together!
  • Product Reviewers and Content Creators: if you’ve established yourself as a product reviewer or content creator, we’d love your help with making our pages even prettier and getting honest, detailed opinions out to end users looking for a better option. Don’t be shy to tell them how you’re really feeling about our products… We’re all about transparency and want folks to get the real scoop before they buy from us!
  • Sales Representatives: for those who possess the gift of gab or a network of business connections, our commission-based B2B sales team provides the greatest opportunities to financially benefit from working with us! Not only are the sales bigger, we’ll never let anyone else in our ranks step on your toes. Once you’ve landed a new account, that’s your client for as long as you’re working with us and taking care of them- even if they buy from our website or headquarters (and our prices are fixed, so they won’t get a better rate by coming to us).
  • Hybrid Reps: do you already wear several of these hats in your life in progress? Can’t decide which position in our company would be the best fit for you? You can be yourself around us… There’s no reason why you couldn’t fill any or all of these roles- and you’d have more opportunities to build your future with us!

The Perks To Working With Us

If you help us, we’ll take good care of you! Here are some of the ways we’ll do that:

  • Free Products: we’ll introduce ourselves by sending you a custom introductory care pack full of products specifically chosen to tailor to your interests. Then, if you’re working hard for us and we’re growing as a result, we’ll send you more as you earn them!
  • Deep Discounts For You And Your Crew: whether your family members, friends or followers could use a break- or if you need a more affordable option yourself- we’ll provide you with a custom discount code that’ll go a long way towards helping someone in need. And the best part? You’ll be stacking kickbacks with every order that comes in with that code!
  • Cross Promotion: we’re not just in this for our sake. We’re looking forward to watching you grow too. We’ll gladly and freely share your content with our followers and push them to your pages. The bigger we get on Instagram and Facebook, the more this will help contribute to helping you manifest your ambitions into tangible realities!
  • Income Opportunities: if you’re looking for an easy, fun way to generate some additional income on the side when you’re not at your day job, we’ve got you covered. And if you’re looking to create a career out of your work with us, that’s definitely an option on the table for the hardest hustlers in our ranks. We can build a dream job for you, but you’ll have to earn it first. Show us how much you want it and how much you can bring to the table… we’re always looking for new talent for our core team and if we see results, we’ll reach out to discuss your future with Silver Owl. Consider this your first step with us!

Getting Started

Here’s how you can take that first step towards becoming an official Silver Owl Affiliate:

  1. Read through the Affiliate Program’s policies and procedures (included below)
  2. Print and complete an application form
  3. Print and complete a W-9 form
  4. Submit your completed application and W-9 forms
  5. Give us a couple weeks to go over everything, prepare your account and get a pack out to you

Once you’ve gone through these motions and been approved, we’ll reach out to let you know we’re all set up. From there, the sky’s the limit for how far you can go with Silver Owl!

Important Documents

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