Silver Owl CBD Reviews

Here at Silver Owl, we're interested in doing more than offering potent, high-quality CBD options. We want to inspire folks to reclaim their pursuit of happiness, to enhance the quality of life in as many communities as we can and see the #CBDMovement continue to grow.

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My 16 year old son has been on SIlver Owl CBD for a couple of months now.  He is special needs and has trouble communicating and is often frustrated. Silver Owl has greatly reduced his anxiety and depression.  He is slowly coming out of his shell and I am excited about the man he will become thanks to this amazing tincture! He is able to learn new things in a more calming situation and it gives me hope that his disability won stop him from having a happy life and productive future.

I’ve been taking CBD on and off since 2015. It helps me manage my schizophrenia and live comfortably without taking a handful of pills or a monthly injection. The compound also stops the tremors I get from the tardive diskenesia I developed from using those medications. The freedom and quality of life I get from taking CBD are game changing. The downside is it’s always been hard to find the higher doses that help me and when I could the prices made me cringe.

Then I found Silver Owl’s stuff in the city and picked up a bottle of the 5,000mg peppermint tincture. I’ve been using it for over a month and there’s still plenty of liquid in the bottle. Not only that, CBD’s always been better on my budget than prescriptions and now my monthly rations are even cheaper! Silver Owl’s been a real god-send!