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You can actually feel the CBD/CBG working together to relieve my pain. The taste and the effects of this are top-notch. The pricing is great as well. Everyone should try this.

Thank you so much for the review

Great flavors. Their products are amazing. I have tried so many of these flavors and have not been disappointed yet.

So happy that you love our products

You can taste the terpenes in this. Amazing.

We love our terpenes

MMMMMM Blueberry



This tastes like a warm summer day out at the pool. This stuff is amazing. You can actually feel the difference this makes.

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I love this stuff. The flavor is amazing. I have never had any concentrates that taste this good. Amazing.

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Tropical Haze
Chris Brockway

Most excellent

Cronic Pain

This is amazing. I have had back pain for years and this is the first thing that actually works to relieve the pain. Thank you so much.

Their customer service is amazing. I called and had some questions and they spent the time explaining the differences in products and helped me pick the best products for my needs. Their products are as quality as their customer service.

This tastes like real lemons. Amazing

Finally sleep

Knocks me out and keeps me out with no groggy morning. What more could you ask for in a sleep supplement? Bonus- non addictive and very safe product. Just take my money!

So useful!

I use this in everything!!! I put it in my face lotion and my skin has completely changed. It's the most noticeable thing. I've added some to my smoothies. It's really good!!

Green Goblin
Lorenzo P
Fitting in

I often find myself hanging out around many stoners. I cannot keep up with them. I normally have a grinder full of green goblin in my back pack for whenever my friends pull out the THC. i load a bowl to myself of the GG and enjoy the plant along with them but without the paranoia and munchies. Hemp lets me hang with the cool kids.

Actually saves senior dogs

I have been a skeptic on weather CBD works in dogs but it really does. I have a Dachshund, age 14, about 8 months ago we noticed he was hardly walking and eating and we were ready for the worst. We used this 1000mg tincture as a last result. We used a heavy dose and still continue to do so. He made a full recovery and now is able to walk and get into the house from the patio. He has been kickin it like he is 7 years old again.

Absolute best flavor

I am not one who enjoys being "stoned" and hate feeling left out during a dab session. I pull this Blueberry kush out and dab on this instead out of my terp pen. My friends tend see that i have the cbd and end up smoking more of it than I do in a night. Im in love with this.

Considering how hempy most gummies taste this is great.

Love it!!!!

These products are amazing. I feel great when I take this. No pain, great mood

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This is the first time that I have seen 10,000mg. The price is so good. I hope everyone finds this product. It works so good. You can actually feel the difference unlike other CBD products. The flavor is amazing as well.

This is one of my favs too.


I wasnt sure that 420mg was going to be enough but I was wrong. This product is amazing

Thank you

Super potent delta 8 gummies

Hola people,
If you haven't tried these delta 8 gummies, you are missing out!
Just dont take more than one, wait 30 minutes, dont make my mistake

Yes!!!! Very good advice. They are stronger than you think they are.

Knocking cbno, deep sleep

These cbno gummies work great for me.
Switched from melatonin gummies to these, wake up nit as drowsy
Id recommend

Thank you for letting us know. This is a new product for us. We love getting feedback.

Yum yum gummies

A bit chewy , just how I like them,
Some hempy aftertaste, but not as overwhelming as other brands I've tried


Fresh preroll joint

Silver owl preroll joints are always fresh,
I have one a day, keeps doctors away

We strive for Quality everytime.

These d10 dabs smack

Such a great effect!
I have a low tolerance, and it works super great,.flavor and terpene profile is on point

This is a newer product so thank you so much for your feedback.

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