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Super 6 Tincture
Hermes Hijinks
Pretty nice

This product packs a nice punch for the price. It'd be nice if they added a little delta 9 and made it the Super 7!


mr MAWH sez out of this world



Not sure if it's the Acetylation or what, but this was some of the strongest HHC I've used!!!!

Oil Pull

I use it for oral health.

Sour diesel

The sour diesel is great!

THC-P ice cream cake

I tried this, & it’s ok. It’s definitely NOT 33X stronger than anything. It might be SLIGHTLY stronger than some of the D8 strains, it just depends which ones you compare it to. Overall, I tried ALL the D8 disposable vapes, & my 2 fav items are the Skywalker & white widow. My best advice is; try em & see if YOU like em, cause everyone’s different. The customer service lady Maria is very nice & helpful, their shipping is good, & I’d recommend trying their products in whatever form you like best.

CBNO Gummies

I have one every night before bed and get very restful sleep. Wake up in the morning alert and refreshed. Have already reordered and on my second pack. Maria is always so helpful too.

THCP Tincture
Mr Mawh

Mawh is more understood when this product is used. Mr Mawh has spoken.

Excepcional Company

Everything was amazing. They even sent my products rush delivery so I would have them in time for my anniversary. Amazing customer service and product!!!!


These work extremely well and are the most delicious gummies I have ever eaten! Maria was awesome to deal with, excellent customer sevice, friendly and prompt shipping. I have ordered 2 more bottles since receiving the first 2 because they are so effective. Five stars all the way!


Mawh. When mawh is spoken only then will it be understood, as it is now............................................................................................. MAWH

Awesome Balm

I have skin sensitivity, eczema and other issues, including chronic pain. I have to say the pain balm is absolutely wonderful. It also helps calm my restless leg syndrome. I can't wait to try other products. Also your prices seem really good. As a senior on a limited income, that matters. Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Full spectrum mango

Absolutely love it. I enjoy all of the flavors I've tried so far.

THCP Tincture - Bundle
Ryan Treadway

This stuff is of top notch quality. Approach with caution very very POTENT! Good buy for the money! Extremely recommend!

HHC-O Distillate
Ryan Treadway

A++ quality, shipping speed, quality.

Favorite strain

The taste and effects are awesome. The flavor is consistent and so delicious. I always snag at least one of these each time I order.

THCA Diamonds
THCa In The Sky With Diamonds.

OK it may not be as good as Lucy, but what is? THCa Diamonds is the best closest to D9 I've tried, and I tried them all THCh, THCb, THCjd, THCv, Delta 8, 10, 11, HHC, THCo, HHCp, THCp, and some I can't even think of at this moment. I do flowers, vapes, some editables, and dabs, let's face it unless you do dabs you will never know the full flavors and effects of any of these including D9. Have I done dabs that I think is better then the THCa Diamonds, yes I have. D9 dabs for one, but I've done D9 dabs that I think this THCa is better than, but not many, but some. THCo, HHCo, THCp, and HHCo are more powerful than the THCa Diamonds, BUT NOT IN THE DABS BEING SOLD ON THE MARKET!!!! I've tried more THCp, HHCp dabs, vapes and flowers than I can count and every one as far as I'm concerned is misleading. They all say THCp or the others are so much stronger than D9 THC, which is true except they don't tell you that they use anywhere from 2% to 15% THCp, HHCp, mixed with D8 or some other low end mix. so you never feel how much stronger than D9 they really are, of course the higher the percentage the stronger they are, but none of them are any where near as good as these THCa Diamonds, or the weakest D9 I've tried. I've come to find that in order to really feel the effects of HHCp &THCp you need at least a 20% or higher mixture. But to really know the full effects of HHCp,or THCp you need to buy pure extract, which is anywhere from $150.00 to $250.00 a gram depending on where you get it, much higher than these THCa Diamonds. HHCp and THCp pure extract is the best you will ever do but it is very, very strong and it will knock you on your butt, and is much stronger than most people would really want, unless you're a die hard like me. but either way the cost doesn't make it worth it. These THC Diamonds compared to D9 is a little high in price, but compared to anything else on the market at this time there's not a close second. Your D9 dabs for the most part is still the best you are going to get, but if you can't get D9 dabs or vapes then these THC Diamonds are the best you are going to get for some what of a good price. Compared to D9 a little over priced. Compared to anything else (D8, D10, HHC, THCh, THCp etc) dollar per value nothing else compares. The ONLY drawback to these Diamonds is they are very hard, and when you break a piece to dab, you need to somehow cover it because they do break and fly apart sometimes. Just be careful when breaking some off to dab that you don't lose some because pieces flying off. Outside of that one drawback these THCa Diamonds are great. Order some, you won't be sorry, and you will see what I mean by THCa In The Sky With Diamonds.

Great Product

Great product! Great Customer Service! Would recommend to anyone 🙂

Just Enough...Which is Enough

The best delivery of delta 8 ever. My favorite is Purple Punch.

Great Product. Great Company

I have neuropathy in both of my legs from a motorcycle accident 16 yrs ago. My PCP suggested I use it at night. Works great.

So tasty!

The cartridges do not clog first time for that. The flavor is so good. Each cart is flavorful and consistently quality. Great stuff one of my top favorites for sure

My go-to

Gives a new meaning to "full spectrum!" I quit drinking this year using tinctures and I've ended up sticking with this one. I've lost 25% of my body weight (goodbye Covid weight!) Takes the edge off. Not couch glue like other tinctures. I thought I'd hate the lemon, but it turns out to be my favorite flavor. Keep those promos going and I'll keep ordering. 🙂

good stuff

really enjoy the product and like the company, very friendly and waived my shipping. I live in denver and I plan to go check out the store in person.

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