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THCP Tincture

. I subscribe. I see not today company. You not my credit card!!!!!

Broken merchandise

My bottle of oil was broken when I received it and when I tried contacting the company about a replacement (I sent pictures and videos), no one ever responded to my message.

Full Spectrum Lite Cartridge Pineapple Express (Sativa)

THCP Tincture
Danielle Kendrick
Good stuff

I really love the THC-P tinctures. They are potent! I am an experienced user so prefer stronger things than delta 8.


I was on vacation doing a lot of walking and my knees started hurting so bad I could no longer walk due to the pain. I popped into a small CBD shop and explained to the owner of the pain and need something to work and work fast. Shop owner said I promise this will work. I agreed to try it and within in 5 mins I was walking without pain. Well worth it and I am so so thankful. The product was silver owl CBD freeze 5000mg wonderful product. I could tell many more stories like my sister who doesn't walk due to pain, I put CBD freeze on her knees she was up walking her self to the bathroom she is 79yrs old. Thank you

Absolutely Great!

Great product! I love the the majority of the products are broad spectrum or isolate. Would recommend over and over!

CBD Freeze Roll On
Daniel Doherty
Miracles Do Happen

This product is nothing short of amazing! Instant relief from aches and pains that have plagued me for months! The price is high, but it is worth it.

CBD Freeze Roll On
Danette Kertz
Can't sleep without it!

This balm has saved my sanity. I have a lot of lower back pain that prevents me from sleeping, but this CBD Freeze provides cool, comforting pain relief that keeps the insomnia at bay!

Silver Owl CBD Tincture Natural

Great for sore muscles

I use this over any other product for my sore muscles, joints and carpal tunnel

Works well

It worked well for me to help me sleep. And I don’t wake up feeling hung over like some other brands. I have already placed another order

Delta 8 Vape Cartridge
Jonathan C. James
Great customer service

Best products found so far. Pricing and products are top notch. Customer service is GREAT. Have recommended to several people and none were disappointed.

THCP Cartridge
Thomas Glassner
Very clean smooth buzz.

Cleaner and more even high and great taste. No tiredness like Indica delta-8.


I enjoy the earthy taste this one has.

Good product

Good quality and a good value for this CBD.

Great product

I’m new to this type of medicine but so far it’s been great!

THCA Flower
Charles White
Good stuff

Here's hoping THCa gives states a way to pay more attention to issues like school shootings without wasting time, money and effort on cannabis prohibition...

Never fails

No legal delta 9 in my state but this takes care of me. Love the flavor it doesn't diminish over time either. Gotta be in my top 3 for sure

CBD Gummies
Timothy K.
Like them a lot

They are soft and chewy with a sweet peach flavor that is both fruity and slightly tangy

Delta 8 Asteroids
Chandace James

I really didn't know what to expect but I love this I have chronic migraines and chronic back and neck pain it's really helpful relieving my pain and stress so that I can get stuff done. My husband loves it as well and he had a broken neck it helps him for pain relief and sleep. So thankful!!.

Super 6 Tincture
John Turnage
Super 6

Bomb, fire, the truth, top of the line


Wow medical grade

Love it!!

Love this product!! Will be ordering again ❣️

Good asf

White widow my favorite flavor plus it hits hard asf W cart

CBD Freeze Roll On
Rebecca Perez
Silver Owl CBD Freeze Roll On

This stuff works great. Its unbelieveable

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