Broad Spectrum CBD

Each of the three types of CBD extracts – CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – comes with its own unique sets of benefits for their end users. For instance, CBD isolate offers the highest concentrations of CBD, while full spectrum hemp extracts contain a complete range of cannabinoids that work together in harmony to produce “the Entourage Effect”, exactly as they do in hemp flower. However, these extracts contain trace amounts of THC, which might not sit well with every user- especially those who must submit regular drug screenings to remain employed, as full spectrum extracts are not psychoactive but have been known to trigger positive readings with their trace contents.

This is where broad spectrum extracts come in. Hemp derived broad spectrum CBD products contain the same mix of cannabinoids found in their full spectrum counterparts, but have had these trace amounts of THC isolated and extracted from their contents. The result is an extract that provides a very similar set of benefits without the concern of jeopardizing careers.

Whereas Silver Owl CBD Isolate products are odorless and flavorless, our Broad Spectrum CBD line has hints of the hemp plant’s scent and flavor profiles. This is because our extraction processes pull other compounds from the raw hemp flower used besides the cannabinoids, including terpenes and flavonoids. With the exception of THC contents, Silver Owl CBD products containing our Broad Spectrum Extract pack everything the flower itself is known for, including its effects.

The Silver Owl CBD Company is proud to manufacture some of the highest quality, highest potency and most affordable Broad Spectrum CBD available for sale online and in stores across the country. We’re here for a growing number of Americans looking to buy extended supplies of their hemp derived products so they’re stocked up for anything. We don’t think you should have to spend a fortune in order to enjoy the benefits of hemp derived cannabinoids- and with our Broad Spectrum CBD, you’ll never have to again.