CBD for Pets

Thanks to their versatility and bioavailability, hemp derived CBD tinctures- also called CBD oil- have become a staple of any brands, websites and stores that help their supporters buy CBD products in any way. And with every living being on the planet possessing an endocannabinoid system, people aren’t the only ones who stand to reap the benefits of CBD use.

In recent years, CBD pets have become a regular sight on social media apps as more people seek to improve the lives of their dogs and cats. Even birds, reptiles and amphibians can enjoy the benefits of hemp derived cannabinoid use; as more people turn to seeking out CBD for their pets online, we’ll likely begin to see a new wave of scaled, feathered and furry CBD influencers emerging on our Instagram feeds!

Unfortunately, CBD was extremely expensive until recently, leaving many pet parents to provide their loved ones with CBD oil products intended for human use in a bid to share products amongst their whole families. While this can be okay at times, many CBD oil products contain sweeteners and flavorings that are harmful and could prove fatal if ingested by dogs, cats and other animals, even in small doses. For instance, you should NEVER give our Peppermint and Lemon Tinctures to your CBD pets, as doing so will guarantee a trip to the vet- or worse- and most CBD edibles we like to eat can produce similar negative results if consumed by our pets.

As an increasing number of vets recommend the benefits of CBD for their pet patients, the Silver Owl Team had these factors in mind as we developed our line of CBD pet products to meet the growing demand across the country. We’ve made our CBD Pet Line with minimal ingredients that are universally acceptable to most of Earth’s inhabitants in the recommended amounts. We offer lower potency tinctures for smaller animals and a higher potency variant that’s strong enough to be shared amongst the family, including the humans. When you buy CBD oil and other products for your pets online, you could be buying CBD for yourself too if you buy from Silver Owl!