CBD Isolate

When we were first starting the Silver Owl CBD Company, in the days before we had a nifty site online, we were looking for a way to introduce CBD to some of our loved ones who were nervous about giving anything remotely related to cannabis a try. We figured our best bet to overcoming this dilemma was to remove the factor most commonly perceived as separating cannabis from hemp: THC content. This led to our decision to start building with CBD isolate.

When it comes to CBD, isolate is the most measurable and pure form of hemp extract available in stores and online. Our CBD Isolate starts as an oil derived from hemp plants tested to ensure compliance with federal hemp laws limiting the THC content of plants and products to 0.3%. Through several refinement processes, the CBD content is extracted and isolated to produce a pure, crystalline powder. Silver Owl CBD Isolate Powder is CBD in its simplest form: no solvents, additives or additional hemp compounds. Just natural, pure CBD isolate. This provides an added benefit: as an isolate, the potency of your dose’s CBD content is extremely easy to measure and calculate accurately.

In this powder form, CBD becomes supplementary- and the people who buy our CBD isolate powder online never seem to buy it for the same reasons. It can be loaded into capsules or pressed into tabs; mixed into a warm or cold beverage; added to food, either as an ingredient or on top at the end; mixed into DIY tinctures and recipes; and can even be vaped, dabbed or smoked with legal herbs. It can also be added to pet food and other DIY pet products. (Side note: our favorite thing to do with isolate powder is to sprinkle it on salads, soups and any food served in a larger bowl. You can’t help but feel like Salt Bae when you do pull that move!)

Silver Owl CBD Isolate Powder is about as far from cannabis as any hemp derived product can be. A pure, natural alternative for everyone- even those who don’t want to go *too* alternative- Silver Owl CBD Isolate will always be the best product we’ve ever made.