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For all its purported benefits and lack of side effects, many people are choosing to use CBD to address a range of maladies.  The last decade has seen a rise in the number of CBD industries, and the resulting competition has persuaded companies to bring more and better CBD products to market.  These products include CBD gummies, oil, joints, soaps, skin care products, tinctures, and many more. Smoking a CBD joint is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD, but sometimes people are too busy to grind buds and devote the time to practicing enough to make a flawless joint. If you are a busy bee who can relate to this situation, CBD pre-rolls might be your product of choice.  These packs of CBD pre-rolls help people enjoy a mellow smoking experience without causing any harsh effects. While they are readily available at different dispensaries and online retailers, finding good-quality CBD pre-rolls might be quite a task.

We at Silver Owl CBD offer CBD pre-rolls tightly packed with premium CBD flower from Colorado. This article will help you better understand CBD pre-rolls by answering some questions you may have.

What are CBD Pre-rolls?

CBD, or hemp, pre-rolls are joints packed with Cannabidiol (CBD), unlike Marijuana pre-rolls which contain THC, a highly psychoactive compound. Rather than altering your state of mind like Marijuana, CBD will take you on a relaxing journey after a long busy day. You may feel your system unwind, nerves relax, and stiff muscles slide back in place.

CBD pre-rolls are famous for providing instant relief from acute disorders. When a person smokes a CBD pre-roll, CBD smoke enters the lungs, and the capillaries around alveoli instantly absorb it into the bloodstream and supply it to the body. It doesn’t go through the first-pass effect, and thus, the bioavailability is 100% when you smoke CBD pre-rolls.

Moreover, they are legal because of their non-psychoactive nature. They don’t get a person “high” and thus have been legalized almost worldwide.

You may get a rolling tray, rolling papers, and CBD Flower, but you may be left with frustration and a less than perfect joint after your first couple of attempts. It is an art that needs long hours of practice and mastery.  We will help you learn everything about CBD pre-rolls and their whereabouts.  So, leave it to us and sit back!

How do CBD Pre-rolls work?

“Spark up that doobie and puff-puff-pass!”  This kind of lingo may be familiar to Cannabis experts, but it might be difficult for beginners to understand.  Just like you must do research to learn the terminology surrounding a new substance, one needs to be mindful of the composition of their CBD pre-rolls to make the best decision.  You might be thinking of pre-rolls like conventional cigarettes that people just light up and smoke without giving it a second thought.  Let us just break it to you now that that this is not the case with CBD pre-rolls. Here are some you may consider in this regard:

  • Flower: Only the highest quality CBD flower may give you the maximal effects. We take pride in sourcing our Cannabis flowers from the best hemp farms in Colorado. Our CBD is 100% organic with no trace of additives or other harmful materials. The available information from a particular brand of CBD tells a lot about its authenticity and transparency, do it’s important to research your CBD flower and where your company sources it.
  • Wrapping Paper: You wouldn’t bread a chicken breast with sawdust, and you wouldn’t roll a CBD joint with newspaper. That’s why the best companies improve their pre-rolls with hemp wraps. Not only do they enhance the flavor, but they are a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco wraps. Hemp wraps are also sourced from hemp plants, and thus contain no extra ingredients or additives. Being made from organic hemp, they may even contain some additional CBD. It is like making a chicken roll with a dough wrap kneaded in chicken. Yes, a flavor blast!

Why buy CBD joints online from Silver Owl?

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for quality CBD products. Rather than hiding the details of our products like substandard companies, we proudly display the source of our products, their usage, ingredients, and the contents that will never be a part of our products. Our products’ 100% toxin-free nature adds yet another feather to our cap. Wait, wait! That’s not all! Order from us and get free shipping. So what are you waiting for? Order right away; your key to a stress-free mind is at your fingertips!

CBD Pre-rolls FAQs:

Can you fly with CBD Pre-rolls?

You can fly with any product that contains a THC concentration of less than 0.3%, as mentioned by the 2018 Farm Bill. The liquids are still regulated under TSA rules, and you need to keep three or fewer ounces of a liquid at the airport for safe and smooth boarding. Checking the laws of the state you are flying to will ensure additional safety.

What do CBD Pre-rolls smell like?

CBD itself has no particular smell, but it might contain smell from the Cannabis plant from which it is sourced. Being a weed, Cannabis smells like weed. The universal aroma of burning Marijuana and Cannabis is what you might sense from CBD pre-rolls.

Are CBD Pre-rolls and CBD joints the same thing?

Yes! CBD pre-rolls and CBD joints are the same things, CBD pre-rolls being the company manufactured CBD joints. They help you avoid the embarrassment of not being able to roll a perfect joint. Manufacturers will do the rolling stuff for you. Just take it out and flaunt the perfectly rolled joint like a pro!

Can you get addicted to CBD Pre-rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are not addictive, unlike THC pre-rolls, because of their non-psychoactive nature. Anyone can use CBD pre-rolls to induce relaxation in his system without being dependent on it. We feel the rare stuff like CBD is why this world is still so charming and lively!

What to look for while buying CBD Pre-roll online?

All that glitters are not gold, so make sure you aren’t buying a product just for the packaging. It is the content inside the box that you are spending money on. Let’s look at what you should notice and observe before adding a product to your cart:

  • Third-party lab testing report of each product
  • A reputable brand that doesn’t mind being transparent regarding product background and details
  • Hemp strains and what customers have to say about them
  • Ensure that the product is not advertised or sold as “CBD cigarettes.”
  • Smell-proof packaging

Do CBD joints show up on drug tests?

As a rule of thumb, the legal CBD (with THC less than 0.3%) should not appear on drug tests. A urine drug test may detect THC for up to 15 days, and thus, it largely depends on your frequency of dosage. While THC leaves the bloodstream in 5 hours, CDB stays for 2-5 days, depending on each dosage and consumption frequency. It also depends on the type of CBD you are taking. Full-spectrum CDB is more likely to have detectable THC than CBD isolate that may have negligible to no THC.

What are the benefits of buying CBD Pre-rolls Online?

Who wants to exhaust themselves running from store to store when you could swipe through products from the comfort of your own home? The cost contrast is more accessible online, as you can easily compare the price of products at different stores.

You may ask brands for the Certificate of Analysis (COA) online to see if they provide the promised product.

Are CBD Pre-rolls a better alternative to smoking Tobacco?

Honestly speaking, there is no comparison as the absence of nicotine in CBD pre-rolls makes them superior to Tobacco.

Does the entire pre-roll have a consistent “pack”?

Yes, the perfectly rolled CBD pre-roll has a consistent “pack.” Discrepancies arise when there is some crease or loose spot in rolling.


Silver Owl CBD pre-roll is a complete package that offers quality and quantity. You may get either one pre-roll to test it or a pack of 12. However, we recommend buying a pack of 12 since that one pre-roll will make you crave more!

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