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CBD Isolate Powder’s Uses

It’s pretty crazy how popular our CBD Isolate Powder has been lately. We’ve been hearing from a number of people who use our CBD Isolate Powder and thought we’d share some of those methods with you!

Food and Drinks

When it comes to the kitchen, CBD isolate works like any other cannabinoid when exposed to alcohols and fats. It can also be added to a drink- however, it’s worth noting that a thick or dairy beverage might slightly help boost its bioavailability, but tinctures provide more bioavailability and are often preferred for drinks.

Our favorite use so far: a CBD infused apple pie during Thanksgiving

At-Home Candies

CBD Isolate Powder also works very well with the hardening process that many sugar based hard candies go through. With everyone stuck at home more often, we’ve been hearing of some next-level science coming out of our more experimental fans’ homes. Some very tasty science!

Our favorite use so far: CBD infused rock candy sticks

Topical DIY Projects

CBD’s versatility allows it to power many of the products we make, but it can power the ones you make too. We’ve heard of customers making everything from chapstick and heat balm to shampoo and bath bombs. If you like to make gifts instead of buying them, CBD Isolate Powder is a very handy ingredient to have around.

Our favorite use so far: CBD infused Thieves Balm

Smoke And Vape

Just like the other cannabinoids found in hemp, CBD can vaporize at a low enough temperature to be inhaled. With its purity, CBD Isolate is uniquely suited for vaporization and can give a bowl of flower an added boost. With the popularity of concentrates on the rise, many folks have turned to dipping other concentrates in a jar of our CBD Isolate Powder for a breaded dab. No matter your style, there’s a use for your next session!

Our favorite use so far: Vegetable glycerine based CBD e-juice for vape mods

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