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Finding Silver Owl Near You

Over the course of the past few months, it’s become increasingly easier to find Silver Owl CBD Company products in neighborhoods across the country. It’s also become impossible for the people who use a few specific products of ours to get them from anywhere other than shops in their areas.

With the new PACT Act revisions taking effect, we can no longer directly offer and ship Cartridges and Disposables- but that doesn’t stop these products from offering something of perceivable worth to the legions of their fans. We’ve also got countless fans who want to support their local economies as much as possible and some who generally prefer to avoid shopping online for any number of reasons. So how does one find the Silver Owl wings on a shelf near them?

This article is as much for end users looking to buy Silver Owl CBD, CBG and Delta 8 products as it is for the businesses that sell them. We’ll talk about the importance of shopping for Silver Owl CBD locally whenever possible, where to find us nearby, what you can do if you can’t, and how we can help get the word out about the companies that are helping us make a difference in communities across the country. After all, we’ve always been just as deeply invested in supporting small, locally owned businesses as we’ve been in helping the people who often shop with them seek happier, healthier futures!

The Importance

In the aftermath of Covid-19’s tragic sweep across the United States, countless people like you and I have found themselves turning to hemp derived cannabinoids more than ever before as we’ve struggled with the losses of loved ones and of life as we knew it; and the small “Ma and Pa” stores that were such a big part of our lives before the pandemic have been forced to dodge an existential threat. Though our nation is now rolling out vaccines in unprecedented numbers every day and signs of normalcy’s return are visible on the horizon, neither the people nor their communities’ favorite stores are out of the woods just yet. We’ll likely be dealing with the ramifications to our health, both physical and mental, and our economic prospects for untold years to come.

With everything going on right now and the vaporization of cannabinoids offering more immediate effects than any other means of using them, the timing of the new PACT Act implementations seems unfortunate for many. We’ve previously discussed this in another article, but here’s the gist: companies like ours can no longer sell or ship products considered Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (“ENDS”), including CBD and Delta 8 cartridges and disposable vapes, directly to their consumers; USPS, UPS, FedEx and other carriers pledged to no longer facilitate such shipments; and this leaves shopping in-store as the only legal avenue available for purchasing authentic Silver Owl CBD Company vape products. (Side note: this also means that any website still selling Silver Owl Cartridges and Disposables directly to consumers is definitely in violation of federal law and could potentially be selling knock-offs, though this isn’t necessarily the case.)

It’s now more important than ever before that we work together to get through this and build something better on the other side. That’s why we’ve consistently offered the nation’s highest potency, best quality hemp derived products and dropped their prices as often as we could, even when we were already the most affordable brand on the scene- we knew we could help and we wanted to help.

To do that, we’re doing our best to get our products into the hands of people that might benefit from their use and supporting every small business like ours that we can along the way. If our products make a difference in your life, we highly encourage you to get them from the awesome stores up the road- we’ll still be able to help you like we always have, you’ll be helping us spread our wings, and you’ll be ensuring that the global pandemic didn’t snuff the dreams of the people who work behind the counters of local businesses in your area.

How To Find Our Products Locally

The easiest way we can help you find the shops that carry our products is with our Store Finder page. With the PACT Act changing the way you buy CBD online and in stores we’ve been working hard to scour the Internet for signs of stores that stock Silver Owl and update our list of them frequently. So far we’ve added the stores we’ve worked with directly, heard from in a call or email, found via deep Google and Facebook/Instagram dives, and heard about via our partners in distribution to date.

However, our Store Finder list is far from complete. We’ll be sorting the listings by state soon, but that still doesn’t account for every brick and mortar shop currently selling Silver Owl products in the country. Interest in our brand has spiked exponentially and the folks who distribute for us each have dozens of local store owners shopping with them, many of whom are shopping for multiple locations.

If you know about a shop carrying Silver Owl CBD, CBG or Delta 8- or if you work in or own a shop that’s carrying us- we’d love to hear from you! Please shoot us an email to Hello@SilverOwlCBD.com and we’ll get it listed so other Silver Owl fans can find it!

If You Can’t Find Us

Even if we’re already in hundreds of shops across the United States, that doesn’t inherently mean we’re in a shop in your neck of the woods just yet. However, our popular social media platforms and successful e-commerce shop have gotten the word out about us exceptionally far and wide, so your local shops’ teams may have already heard of us. Either way, they’d likely be happy to give our products a chance on their shelves if they were receiving requests from their communities.

If you’re reading this because you run or work in a store and have been hearing about us from your customers, let’s talk! And if you’ve got a favorite local connection for hemp and hemp derivatives, don’t be shy- either have them hit us up or let us know about them and we’ll reach out on your behalf!

The Benefits Of Being Found

We really don’t mind where a store gets its authentic Silver Owl CBD Company products from- if our wings are on their shelves, we’re here to support them. We’ll add shops that stock our brand to our Store Finder and put a pin on the map for them anytime. We’re also happy to promote them freely on our social media pages by sharing anything posted about us with our audience, directing them to a store and its pages. We always use mentions, geotags and hashtags to make sure people in their areas can find them easier too.

We can provide the folks who offer their communities Silver Owl products with so much more than map listings and Instagram posts. Once we’ve located a store that’s already got our brand for sale, it qualifies for the same perks as any other shop in our circles: promotional materials, samples, event and marketing support, 24/7 brand education and technical support available to the whole team, the works.

The best part is these stores don’t have to shop with us directly to get these perks- heck, we’d truly prefer they didn’t. The local distributors in this industry are almost always family-owned small businesses and we want to keep them going so their loved ones and dreams can make it through the storm too! And it’s not like we offer a better deal than any given distributor out there- we have established flat rates for everyone across the board and offer the exact same prices as our partners across the country, no exceptions. Bottom line: we just want to help as many people as we can and show our love to the organizations that help us do that.

If you’re already carrying our brand and would like to speak to us more about these perks- or if you’d like to talk to us about stocking our brand for the first time- please contact me at Evan@SilverOwlCBD.com. I’m not just the resident computer nerd here… Silver Owl’s my heart and soul. If you’re working with us you’re working with me, and I believe that together we can make the world a far better place for so many people around us!

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