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Our Plans For 2021

Here at the Silver Owl CBD Company, we value keeping our supporters in the loop about goings-on at our headquarters in Denver and across the country.

In that spirit, we wanted to share some updates and details about the plans for expansion that will be coming to fruition soon and the irons we have in the fire for the new year.

CBD Pet Treats

The most immediate upcoming releases are a line of CBD Isolate infused pet treats, starting with beef and cheddar flavored doggie biscuits dropping in the next two weeks from the time this article’s published. We’re looking forward to expanding it with more flavors and options for our other furry friends soon!

Delta 8 Expansion

As long as the legal atmosphere in the country doesn’t take a turn for the worse for Delta 8 this year, we’re hoping to expand our line of products to include a wider variety of options beyond what we currently manufacture. We’ll be going in some strange and wonderful directions with this if given the chance… Definitely keep an eye on this line.

CBN Line

Even if the legalities change, Delta 8 has been hogging the spotlight from another hemp derived cannabinoid growing in popularity that has the potential to help folks across the US without as much of a concern: Cannabinol (CBN). CBN is far more restful than any of its mainstream relatives from the hemp plant and has a promising future ahead for it on the market. It is non-psychoactive like CBD or CBG and definitely has a more targeted use.

This should be a fun release when it happens!


The recent wildfires in Colorado and the Covid-19 Crisis experienced around the world made the local sourcing of the main ingredients for our Honey Sticks and Broad Spectrum Gummies nearly impossible. While we’ve recently had to suspend production of our infused edibles, our R&D Team and Sourcing Specialists are working out some solutions now. While they do, we’re exploring the possibility of expanding the edible line to bring it back better than it’s ever been.

“The Active Line”

This has been a project in the works for well over a year- and when we work on something for longer than a year, it tends to turn out pretty great. We’re really excited about our efforts to develop a line for athletes, hustlers and weekend warriors alike- and when it’s done, it’ll span several of the product categories we’ve worked within previously while introducing a new one or two we haven’t touched yet.

New Concentrates And Flower

When we acquired a 32,000sqft facility to grow our hemp flower in the final quarter of 2020, we planted our clones and seeds that very week. The final harvests of our soon-to-be-obsolete facilities and the first harvests from under the new roof will be ready and available soon, as will some new types of hemp derived concentrates we’ve never sold before.

We’re going to keep our lips pretty tightly shut about that last bit for now, but you can expect updates on these through our Instagram in the coming months.


Some of the most frequently requested new releases from the Silver Owl CBD Company aren’t even hemp derived products at all. We’ve got a skyrocketing demand for stickers, shirts, hats and more that we’re planning on beginning to meet very soon.

We will make these products available for free through giveaways and for a reasonable price on our site. Except for the stickers- I’m going to have our crew put those in with every order once they’re in. And if you are working with us or are a part of a company that carries our products, you’ll be able to reach out to us for some free swag when it drops. We’ll have you repping the Silver Owl in style soon!

And Plenty More

If you haven’t noticed by now, we occasionally veer off-course to follow wild tangents cooked up in our hemp-loving heads. We’re doing this all the time- we like to think we get pretty inspired sometimes.

Chances are we’ll have more products to release in between and after some of these big name drops. 2021 is gearing up to be an incredible year of growth for us. We hope you’ll continue to follow our journey as we work tirelessly to provide more affordable, higher quality, hemp-derived options to as many of our neighbors in need as we can reach!

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