Hemp Flower

We’ve heard you. We’ve listened. This one’s for you!

By popular demand, we are now providing the raw source of the Silver Owl CBD Company’s entire span of products: our Hemp Flower! As a small, employee owned startup, all of Silver Owl’s raw hemp flower was being used to extract the cannabinoids found in the full line of our products. As our CBD began to help more people, our company grew- and we’ve been getting requests for smokable hemp products the entire time. That’s why this line is so special to us: these products are available for you because of you.

Hemp has been used in a large number of creative ways by humanity for thousands of years, always benefiting the users. With the re-legalization of hemp and hemp derived products in 2018, hemp flower has naturally made an impressive comeback. While every part of the plant can be used to make eco-friendly products from plastics and textiles to batteries and construction material, its flower buds are the most sought after. This is due to their effects: thanks to the full spectrum of terpenes, CBD, CBG, CBN and hundreds of beneficial cannabinoids in the buds, users across the country have reported countless improvements and benefits to their quality of life. The Entourage Effect naturally occurs in the use of these hemp flower buds, allowing the compounds to boost each other’s effects.

Like the rest of the plant, Silver Owl Hemp Flower can be used in a variety of ways. Most folks who buy hemp flower online report smoking it in a dry pipe, water pipe, joint, spliff, preroll or wrap; vaporizing it in a dry herb vaporizer or herb pen; extracting the cannabinoids and other active compounds from it using alcohol, solvents, oils, butter and dairy products; using it as an ingredient in all kinds of food and drink recipes; and adding it to tinctures, salves and other at-home homeopathic products. However, these are certainly not hemp flower’s only uses- the list goes on. It can also be used in conjunction with other legal herbs for additional effects.

Silver Owl Hemp Flower is now available nationwide and is federally legal to buy, possess or consume by adults 21 years of age or older.

*Please note: Silver Owl Hemp Flower and all raw hemp flower products available on the market, for sale online or in stores, will naturally contain THC. Silver Owl Hemp Flower is compliant with all federal laws, containing <0.3% THC, and is not psychoactive. Please do not consume if you are adverse to trace amounts of THC for any reason.