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How Long Does It Take For CBD To Take Effect?

In this second post in a full series of answers to our customers’ questions, we’ll be addressing the wait between the moment you take your CBD and the time it kicks in. Let’s cut to the chase though: there’s no single answer to the question this blog posits.

Different Methods, Different Wait

If you’re familiar with any other cannabinoids *cough* *cough* you probably already know this, but not every place you can buy CBD online from advertises it. Cannabinoids generally kick in after a short amount of time that varies by the individual user and the type of delivery method used to introduce them to the body.

We’ll give you some generalizations for each delivery method, but please keep in mind that these won’t be one hundred percent accurate! We’ll also provide some estimated durations of their short term effects, though the long term effects of CBD’s use can last much longer.

Smoking And Vaping

Whenever cannabinoids are vaporized in any way, the resulting fumes can have the shortest onset times of any delivery method. Due to this direct line to the bloodstream, the effects from inhaled CBD vapor tend to be more noticeable too. Many smokers and vapers report feeling the effects anywhere from thirty seconds to ten minutes after taking their hits. However, they are also the shortest lived, lasting up to about two hours.

Smoking hemp flower will vaporize its cannabinoids, but the combustion of any plant matter releases harmful carcinogens that some users might otherwise aim to avoid. If smoking isn’t right for you, try vaping on a cartridge or taking a dab!

Consuming Edibles And Capsules

Like its relatives, CBD’s effects can have the longest duration when enjoyed through the use of CBD edibles. However, this usually comes with the longest wait for their onset of any method of delivery.

This is due to CBD’s route to the bloodstream: your stomach has to start breaking down the edibles to introduce the compound to your system and that takes a while to complete, prolonging its effects. After consuming edibles, most users will have to wait thirty minutes to two hours for effects that will last for four to eight hours.

It’s worth noting that the Entourage Effect can shorten the wait and prolong the effects- if that’s your cup of tea, the best CBD gummies for the job might be Broad Spectrum or Full Spectrum based. And while capsules technically count as an edible in this context, it takes much less effort to break them down and that comes with a more immediate onset time.

Using Tinctures

When introduced through mucous membranes, such as those under the tongue and lining the mouth, CBD can come with the best of both worlds: a quicker onset time and a longer duration. The use of CBD tinctures is an easy way to reap these benefits.

Tincture users typically experience the onset in the first fifteen minutes to an hour and notice the short term effects for 3-6 hours, though in some cases the onset can be nearly instant or last for much longer.

Applying Topicals

Cannabinoids like CBD introduced through this method have a more localized effect that may be slightly noticeable in other parts or processes of the body, but generally tend to provide the most benefits to those areas of application. When using CBD topicals, most individuals can expect the onset of these localized effects after about fifteen minutes to an hour in most cases.

Many CBD brands, including Silver Owl, offer topicals that are also infused with ingredients such as menthol and aloe vera that can provide more immediate relief while their CBD contents work their way through the skin and into the tissues. With the added aide from these ingredients, the benefits of using CBD freeze balms and cooling gels are myriad.

When you buy CBD online or from a store, it’s important to know which products will best meet your needs and to have realistic expectations for their effects. By knowing the general onset times and durations of various CBD products, you’ll be able to make the best decisions for yourself. To that end, we hope we’ve helped!

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