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Our Mission And Story

Over the past year we’ve penned many blogs about hemp and its derivatives, but we haven’t really shared as much about who we are as a company.  If you’ve been wanting to know more about the people and dreams behind the Silver Owl CBD Company, this article’s for you!

The Mission

Silver Owl was never meant to be the company it is now, but when we saw what a difference we could make we knew we had to take it nationwide. It actually began as a project of compassion: we were making CBD Tinctures at home and sending them to our families so they could benefit from hemp’s derivatives without paying an arm and a leg for their products. Legal hemp was still a very new phenomenon in the US and prices for products of variable quality were absurdly expensive, but we knew our loved ones could benefit from their contents if they could find an affordable, reliable source.

It wasn’t long before the benefits of our DIY projects were hitting closer to home. I’ve made no attempt to conceal the fact that I’ve been struggling with schizophrenia since I was seven years old- in fact, I’m extremely proud that I’ve made it this far because it never really seemed like I would. When I found out that CBD use could potentially contribute to a happier, healthier life for me I started making an extra bottle for myself. This was a monumental turning point in my life: I started healing and turning into someone who had the capacity to do much more with my life than I’d been consigned to with my diagnosis. Our prototypes afforded me the opportunity to help myself and in turn help a much larger crowd of people, so I gladly seized it.

We decided to form a legitimate company to bring our potent, affordable products to a wider range of people. Our mission was clear to us: we were out to support as many of them as we could as we supported our loved ones. If we were to grow larger, it would be by helping people- never at their expense. If our prices on raw materials were to drop, our prices on our products would too. This was how we felt any business should operate and knew an example needed to be set.

The Early Days

The Silver Owl CBD Company finished and filed its first articles of incorporation in January 2019. This began a several month process of seeking out all the necessary certifications and getting all of our affairs in order to launch our new company. We didn’t have much to work with at first; we started out with very little support from the banks and only a handful of investors, but we made up for this with a small, ragtag group of friends and former coworkers that stepped in to help us launch. This dedicated, passionate posse of CBD users would later become shareholders and teammates in our growing company.

By June, our CEO and I began taking time away from our day jobs and working through the weekends to get Silver Owl off the ground. We rented a small commissary downtown to manufacture our first products  and asked experienced teammates to run this side of our operations. Conversations with other Colorado companies landed us consistent supplies of MCT Oil and locally sourced essential oils for our tinctures’ flavors. Our friends with hemp farms and extract labs partnered with us to provide raw materials like hemp flower and CBD Isolate. We were in business.

Over the course of the remaining months in 2019, our manufacturing team remained miniscule while their skills and knowledge greatly improved. We found a source for Colorado harvested honey and produced our first batches of CBD Honey Sticks. We also sourced enough ingredients locally to produce our first CBD Isolate infused topicals, CBD Freeze Balms, CBD Roll Ons and CBD Cream; and our second type of edible, CBD Isolate Infused Gummies. To get Silver Owl off the ground our sales and distribution wing, Number One Distro, started hitting the streets with our Isolate Powder, Tinctures and Honey Sticks, bringing along the products from our friends’ brands, Billionaire Hemp Wraps and Kava FX, to help them get established in Colorado.

Sales were few and far between, but we kept going through the hardships and never stopped to think about how things could get any harder for us. Then the pandemic hit.

The Covid-19 Era

By early February 2020 we could tell that something terrible was looming on our horizon. News of the coronavirus outbreak spread even faster and rumors of a possible stay-at-home order in Colorado began circulating as our friends in other countries locked down. A few weeks later we were told to stay at home. Like so many other small businesses across the country, ours effectively ceased to exist for several weeks.

Our future was uncertain, but we came back together when Colorado had learned enough about Covid-19 to allow businesses to resume operations in limited capacities with safety measures in place. Knowing that people were hurting and that retail stores were still shut down in many states, we decided to shift our focus away from our previous wholesale campaigns and towards reaching folks directly.

Our friend, Izzy Blaze, partnered with us to help us learn social media management and marketing. Over the next several months, her impact on us was profound; in addition to building up our online presence, she gave us an even deeper understanding of what it means to be a company built to help people and shaped many of our policies geared towards benefiting the end users of our hemp derived alternatives.

While Izzy turned our public presence around, we were meeting about putting all of our chips in on Silver Owl and our manufacturing team had started playing around with CBD concentrates. We started investing every penny we earned into their efforts to come up with something the industry hadn’t seen yet. Of all the forms of concentrate, diamonds had always had the most appeal to many of us and they set out to come up with a hemp derived version of these gems.

Our CBD Crystals were born and immediately became a tremendous success at the same time our farming and extraction teams were coming up with a viable, sustainable means of producing CBG. This led to a wave of new releases: Silver Owl CBG Crystals, CBD/CBG Crystals and CBG Tinctures hit the internet, providing end users several new ways to benefit from industrial hemp. Our CBD Pet Oil first launched around this time too, adding a whole new element to our little brand.

Our swift rise in popularity wasn’t just fueled by a stronger social media game and the influx of new lines. Thanks to Izzy’s work on our Instagram, our name had reached people in serious need of support. When we heard some of their stories about struggles they, their families or their pets were facing, we recognized the real magic in our bottles and jars: they could change these individuals’ lives for the better.

Izzy had really driven the point home that helping people had its place in the business world and inspired us to intricately weave goodwill into the fabric of Silver Owl’s existence. We started sending care packs to our fellow Americans in dire need and suddenly found ourselves making a major difference. We also began sponsoring local artists in their efforts to tell the stories of voices often unheard or misheard and people in distant neighborhoods trying to make a name for themselves. And while our efforts to help our national community continued, our vast array of special perks and services for our partners in retail began to get more attention as we helped small businesses like ours get back on their feet. The longer we kept doing what we thought was right and good, the more folks noticed.

More Cannabinoids

We were far from done with what had become our crusade of compassion in the last four months of 2020, just as we are now. In our work with CBD and CBG Isolates, the fact that every form of extract and every method of ingesting cannabinoids have their uses continued setting in deeper. It wasn’t long before we were developing our Full Spectrum Extract, which we further refined into our Broad Spectrum Extract. Our next wave of products was ready to release, bringing the country our Broad Spectrum CBD Tinctures, Full Spectrum CBD Cartridges, Full Spectrum Lite Cartridges and Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies.

This was a busy period for us. It was around this time that we gained our first dedicated industrial hemp farm, a 32,000 square foot indoor greenhouse in nearby Brighton. We moved many of our young plants there and planted many new clones. At the same time, we began distributing for our friends at 8 Delta 8 in exchange for lessons on how to produce and work with Delta 8 Distillate. This led to the development and release of our Delta 8 Dabs, Tinctures, Cartridges and Disposables, which quickly became our most popular products by far, eclipsing the popularity of our Crystals.

The Explosion To Today

It’s no understatement to say that our company was not ready for the intensely rapid acceleration of our growth brought about by the advent of our Delta 8 line, but we stepped up to meet it. We expanded our team, increased our manufacturing capacity, secured another greenhouse, increased our work with community affiliates across the country and formed new partnerships with distributors across the country.

Silver Owl is now here to stay, as is our dedication to the people we help and the businesses we support. We still want to help as many people live happier, healthier lives as possible and are getting better at doing so every week. We’re going through every avenue we can to get our products, their potent contents and their affordable prices out to a growing number of Americans in need because at the end of the day, no matter what day, we’re here for the people.

At its core, the Silver Owl CBD Company boils down to a group of people who took a chance to help others as they helped each other and those closest to them. We truly appreciate all the support and help we’ve gotten along the way. Thank you for helping us get the word out and make a difference. Together we’ll keep enriching so many lives for untold years to come!

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