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Welcome to Silver Owl!

Silver Owl CBD proudly supplies high-quality cannabidiol products made with natural hemp. We have everything from the raw flower itself, to tasty natural tinctures, to isolate powder – CBD in its purist form! Here at Silver Owl, we’re sure we have a CBD product that can improve your life!


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many, at least 113, cannabinoids found naturally in the hemp plant. Between hemp and its cousin cannabis, CBD and THC have become quite popular in recent years, but both have also been used for recordless time medicinally and spiritually in Indigenous tribes. While cannabis and its high THC content has medical benefits, it also comes with a high which can include paranoia and hallucinations, and is illegal or only legal for medical cardholders in much of the world. CBD, which comes from females of the hemp plant, has tons of medical perks, but none of the psychoactive effects, meaning you’ll never be impaired. If you do also enjoy THC, you might even find CBD enhances the effects, such as cutting the paranoia many people experience, so if you can find room in your life for both, all the better! Silver Owl products will provide all the perks of CBD, without any of the high.

CBD works by affecting cannabinoid receptors concentrated in your endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is mostly in your nerves, spine, and brain. These receptors influence things such as appetite, libido, mood, anxiety levels, sleep patterns, pleasure, coordination, and time perception. In a word, this system, and CBD’s contribution to it: Balance. Your ECS is all about homeostasis, your body’s ability to feel “right.” That’s why CBD can bring down elevated anxiety levels, help ease pain, manage nausea, and help bring back appetite and healthy sleep schedules.

Mission of Silver Owl

Our mission here at Silver Owl is to spread the healing power, and education, of CBD to as many people as possible. We recognize there is a lot of pain, anxiety, and general lack of homeostasis in the world today. We believe offering excellent CBD products at manageable prices is a way we can make a dent in that suffering and help people bring more joy to their lives!

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