Full Spectrum Lite Vape Cartridge Tropical Punch (Hybrid)

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  • Full Spectrum Content: 420MG
  • Strain Types: Hybrid
  • Strains: Tropical Punch
  • Serving Size: 10 to 20 mg
  • Recommended use: As needed
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum Distillate, Natural Terpenes
  • Brand: Silver Owl

Directions: Hit Full Spectrum Lite Cartridge Tropical Punch until desired result are achieved.

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Strain Type



Tropical Punch

Customer Reviews

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Elenore Dickinson
Great Quality

I got this Tropical Punch Cartridge to help me relax before bedtime. I've been stressed to the point I'm having trouble clearing my head to fall asleep. I had to stop using THC because the side effects were starting to affect my performance at work and in other areas of my life. A couple of puffs of this at night and I don't need to smoke cannabis to fall asleep. I'm very happy with the quality and flavor of all of the Silver Owl products I have tried so far. I plan to try some of the flower on my next purchase.

changed everything!

I have been smoking cbd everyday since I got this cart! It helped me with my moods and my pain and I don't get as many headaches anymore since I have been smoking this everyday since I got it!!!


The effects of this are amazing. I wasn't sure that the mg was going to be high enough but they absolutely were.

Love hearing good things about our products

Xavi Simmons